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Men's clothing brands in Pakistan
Men's Fashion

Men's clothing brands in Pakistan

by Asif Ali
16 Jul 2024

People focus on wearing branded clothes because brands speak about their status and personality. Some best clothing brands work a lot to produce extraordinary quality clothes for kids, women, and men. We all are well familiar with the fact that the clothing trends are changing rapidly. So we can experience new and new fashions and trends in it. Some brands in Pakistan are growing with the achievement of market-leader position. These brands tend to offer high-quality garments for their customers. Branded clothes play a good role in improving a person's personality. You can find some elegant, stylish, and traditional garment brands in Pakistan.

If you are wondering how to choose the right clothing brands in Pakistan for men, then affordability is important when selecting a clothing brand. In addition to affordability, quality and durability are two other important concerns. Wearing branded clothes is important as it is the first thing that can inspire others and capture people's attention. Therefore, men focus on choosing the best brand that offers high-quality clothes within their budget. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a clothing brand that best matches all your requirements. But no need to worry; we created a list of clothing brands in Pakistan for men.

Top Clothing Brands for Men in Pakistan 2021

  • Outfitters

It was established in 2003. Everyone is well known with the name of the brand outfitters. It is rapidly growing in popularity because of its high-quality clothes. It has become a leading clothing brand in Pakistan that deliver matchless and unique colors and design. It provides a diverse and outstanding range of men’s shirts in Pakistan and across the world. That is why it has gained a high reputation in the international market. Its clothes are favorite among the youth of Pakistan. The reason is that outfitters provide you and your boy's celebrity-inspired clothing at unbeatable prices. You can mostly find western clothing that is ideal casual clothing. If you are looking for comfortable yet trendy fabrics, then Outfitters has great clothes that are very stylish and comfortable.

  • Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed

If you are looking for classy and stylish clothing items, the Junaid Jamshed brand is the perfect choice to meet your needs. The J. Brand designs formal and casual clothes for men, including Kurta Bunnat, Qameez Shalwar, Waistcoat, Unstitched Fabric, Sherwani, and many more. These clothes feature the best quality, spectacular design, and nice color selection. Junaid Jamshed brand has made chic, traditional, and sumptuous clothes for men. 

  1. has a comprehensive setup throughout Pakistan and also its outlets in Dubai, Sharjah, Qatar, and another to be opened in Saudi Arabia. You can shop seasonal clothes for men for summer and winter events. 

It mainly focuses on the stylish, latest, and traditional menswear variety. It offers a full wardrobe solution for men. The classy outfit and the best designs are some prominent features of all the clothes made by the J. clothing brand. These clothes help in making a fashion statement. The fabric is not only outclassed but is also long-lasting and durable enough. Therefore you can order it with full confidence.

  • Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani Clothing brand in Pakistan

Deepak perwani is one of the famous brands in Pakistan. Deepak Perwani collection is the most favorite choice for groom-to-be. Its collection is durable, long-lasting, and alluring. You can comfortably find chic designs for your wedding event. The brand produced a huge variety of suits and sherwani for men. In addition, it is also possible to find casual wear for men. However, it has successfully become a renowned clothing brand in Pakistan because of its top-class collection for men. You can find all types of designs and styles in men's clothing. Therefore it is super easy for men to look attractive and stand out. It is a loving and notable brand that each groom likes. The brand produces men's clothes according to the latest fashion industry and Pakistani culture. The brand's best clothing colors and styles make every man feel special at all the events. Deepak perwani brand dresses come up with luxury and comfort. Now shop and make your big day special. 

  • Leisure club

Leisure Club Clothing brand in Pakistan

The leisure club started in the year 1997. The fashion designer and owner Seema Aziz founded this brand that has become one of the leading clothing brands in Pakistan. Leisure Club presents its men's clothing that offers coziness, focusing on warmth, class, and durability. Leisure club collection is good to consider whether you are searching for clothes for a wedding event or a friend's gathering. All the clothes produced by the leisure club brand are elegant, dazzling, and classy. Therefore, men get a chance to look handsome and show off their own style by wearing the Leisure club collection. Leisure club brand is the best destination to shop for sherwanis and other formal and informal men's dresses. Leisure club always deals with modern clothing for men, whether they want eastern or western. Update your wardrobe with Leisure Club. 

  • Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan Clothing brand in Pakistan

Amir Adnan is a popular traditional menswear brand. You can find decent and the most striking clothing collection for men. Amir Adnan is the best designer, and most offer a variety of sherwanis, three-piece suites, formal dress shirts, and pants as well.

You can also find the stylish design of kurtas for men. These best Kurtas allow men to complete their looks. Amir Adnan has gained fame because of its unique design, elegance, colors, and quality material to exceed the customer's expectations. Amir Adnan brand provides the best online shopping experience, just like other good brands. The brand also has other accessories such as shoes, perfumes, and watches to complete your look without any delay.

  • Royal tag

Royal Tag clothing brand in Pakistan

Royal tag reserves its place in the list of men's clothing brands in Pakistan. It most popular brand that offers the best quality clothes for men in Pakistan. Whether you are at a party or you want to level up your weekend wardrobe, they have a variety of branded clothes for you. The best fabric quality of the Royal tag is one of the major reasons for its popularity. Moreover, the soft and comfortable stuff of the shirts produced by Royal tag keeps you comfortable and stylish. 

  • Charcoal

Charcoal Brand Clothing in Pakistan

Charcoal is among the best clothing brands in Pakistan for men. If you are finding the best-quality western wear, the charcoal collection proves to be the best pick for you. Charcoal has expertise in offering awesome styles, designs, and colors for men. This clothing brand was launched in the year 2008. You can find t-shirts, three-piece suites, and formal shirts. It is also known for showing ultimate sophistication in its designs. The youth of Pakistan prefer to wear their dresses because of the elegant designs and vibrant colors. It has become a lovable brand because of its trendy and unique clothes.


This article reviews some top clothing brands for men who look for t-shirts, Eastern and western wear. Men are conscious about their clothes, just like women. Therefore, they tend to find the best brands that offer according to the changing trends. This article shows the best solution for those who are looking for some menswear brands in Pakistan. These brands produce the trendiest clothes for men. Do you want branded clothes for men at an affordable price? Now you don’t have to step out? At Kayazar, you can get the latest men's clothing from top brands to stay on-trend.

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